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Harry Potter [13 Jul 2005|05:27pm]
Ahh the excitement has set in. In exactly 54.5 hours, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will be released. :D I can't wait. It's been so long. Seriously, once that mofo bitch J.K. Rowling got rich, she was like "Oh, well I can do whatever I want with the books." WRONG! Well, no. She's still awesome and of course, everyone will read the books no matter how long they had to wait. Me included. :D

But yesh. I called Monday I think it was to preorder a book but they had no more to preorder so I was all disappointed and figured I'd get one at Brook's, the pharmacy I work at later that day. It wasn't as exciting, but I'd still get it the same day. Though, I was still gonna go to the midnight thingy. BUT.. my mom was like "We definitely preordered it, foo'." So, I called and checked and yeah, I preordered it ages ago and had just forgotten. w00t for me! Ahhhh. Harry Potter goodness. :)
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Ahh [13 Jul 2005|10:55am]
My cooler grandma had oral surgery today. She's so groggy and drugged up. I'd laugh if it weren't obvious she's in pain. Poor her. :(
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[12 Jul 2005|12:09am]
Holy shit. A fucking beetle just flew into my room, don't ask me how and I swear that thing had rabies. It kept swooping at me and flying into the walls and shiz. That thing was f'ed up. Sigh. Anyway, I killed it. So I'm breathing normally again. Ever since my dad put in the air conditioning, there's like .000001 inches of nothing blocking outside and, of course, every single bug in existence finds its way through. It makes the room charming, really. That's what I'll say. Charming.

So my girlfriend gets her license today. It's perfect, since my parents won't drive me anywhere. They rant about how they want me to do things.. and then when I ask them to take me, they're like "Oh, I can't. Can't someone else drive you?" Idiots. That'll make things easier, anyway. I don't want her to drive me everywhere though. She might think I'm like, using her or whatever and that would suck. She has enough self-confidence issues to deal with already.

I'm off to the grandparents' house today for the next two days. Should be nice. I like their house. It's quiet and I can just chill without being cooped up in this awful apartment. Honestly, the second I move out I'm skipping the apartment phase and just buying a house. No money? Oh well! I don't really care. I hate living here. Yesh, that sounds selfish because of the billions of people who don't even have a home, but I'm a teenager. I'm young enough to be selfish like that. Annnd that's enough ranting for now I guess.
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Movies [11 Jul 2005|02:05pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Last night I saw Fantastic Four with Kate, Josh and Jess. T'was alright I guess. Johnny.. the torch dude, he was cool. He definitely had the best power, besides Victor. The Thing? Yeah, that sucks for him. And then the rubbery dude, Mr. Fantastic.. he was nasty. And so fake. Overall it was pretty good, though. Kate and I were all snuggled up, which is hard, mind you. Movie theater seats are hardly comforable. :-p Today I've got nothing planned by summer reading. I have like six weeks to read ten books, write 'detailed entries' every other chapter in 'em, watch two movies, read the opening chapters of three text books and do three extensive history packets, with identify lists, short answer questions and essays. Lovely. No, seriously. I can't wait. :-p

This Friday I'm going to Borders at midnight to get Harry Potter 6. Now THAT I'm looking forward to. Corrina's dressing up as Hermione which she can pull off, even if she kind of makes her look slutty. (We went to the midnight premiere of HP 3 at the Imax in Boston and she dressed up like her, wearing a school girl uniform, short skirt, Gryfindor tie and boots. lmao, t'was awesome). Anyway, she wants ME to dress up, but I don't look like any of the peeps from it, so yeah.. that's not happening. Then that Saturday night we're all seeing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory after work. LOL that looks creepy, to be honest. But it should be fun. w00t for a boring week with a nice finish. :D

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Beginnings [10 Jul 2005|11:22pm]
[ mood | blah ]

So, when I made this, I had intended to just use it for the little ADA community thing, since I do have a whole 'nother livejournal, but then I figured, what the hell. I'll use it to talk about online things. Sadly, however, there's actually nothing to talk about. Prophecy wise, ADA is going alright I guess. I applied for promotion two weeks ago but I didn't get it. I'm hoping it's because I was gone for so long and have only been back for like, three months. If it's because of my role playing or power usage shiz, then it would seem as if I wouldn't get it for a long time. That would suck.

Then a few days ago, Ana and I decided to start an Into the Fire RPG with George, Tati, Emma and hopefully one more guy. It's called Le Carnivale. After going through "The Carnival," "Le Carnaval" and "Il Carnevale" we decided to make up a spelling that we liked best. Yep, yep. Basically the five of us come across a Gypsy camp that's part of a traveling carnival. They're a big part, lots of drinking and we wake up later on, separated and with strange abilities. There's more but I didn't want to write it all down in here. It should be fun. I hope, anyway. Most of the ItF's in there seem to die farely quickly. Hopefully ours won't be like that.

And yeah, that's pretty much it. I'll make a new entry later on when I have actual things to talk about. Tata for now.

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