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x fireside prophet x

14 March
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3 doors down, 4400, a knight's tale, aerosmith, air conditioning, american idol, angelina jolie, being random, birthdays, black eyed peas, britney murphy, brownie ice cream, butterfly effect, california, camping, charmed, chinese food, christina, christmas, ciara, comfy chairs, cruel intentions, dashboard confessional, dave matthews, dispatch, donald duck, ellen, everybody loves raymond, extreme makeover home edition, finding money in pockets, finding nemo, five for fighting, florida, flying, frankie j, friends, fuel, funny cards, gavin degraw, gone in 60 seconds, goo goo dolls, good charlotte, green day, gwen stefani, hangin' out, harry potter 1, having cool friends, hoobastank, hot chocolate, howie day, ice cream, jack johnson, john mayer, king of queens, la, lightning, m&;m's, made, maroon 5, mashed potato, matchbox 20, matt nathanson, mickey mouse, minnie mouse, minority report, miracle, monkeys, mountain dew, movie nights, movies, mr. and mrs. smith, music, my ipod, no doubt, not working, oasis, one tree hill, paychecks, phantom, pictures, pillows, pretending to be conceited, random matchbox cars, reading, real life, red pens, remember the titans, rob thomas, room raiders, ryan cabrera, sailing, save the last dance, she's all that, shrek 1, shrek 2, signs, simple life, sleeping, soccer, something corporate, spiderman 1, spiderman 2, staind, star wars, starbucks, story of the year, sublime, summerland, swimming, taking lives, talking, tennis, that sexy green m&m, the incredibles, the rain, the village, those squishy pillows, thunder, train, trying to be funny, usher, vacations, varsity blues, volleyball, x-men 1 and 2, yellowcard